Why DIY a Dog Fence?

Companies like Invisible Fence, Dog Watch, Pet Stop or Dog Guard all install dog fences and do a good job. So why would you want to DIY? Here are some pros and cons of the DIY options.

Cost of a Dog Fence

Installing an electric dog fence system will costs around $300 for a good system and $50 more if you need to rent a trencher for installation.  A big national company like Invisible Fence will cost you around $1,500 for installation in an average sized yard with one dog.  So you could easily save $1,200 by looking at a DIY Invisible Fence substitute.

If you get a break in the wire or need to adjust a setting, that is going to mean a house call, which usually start at $100 for a local dog fence company. With a DIY Dog Fence we can show you how to adjust setting yourself, and find and fix a cut in the dog fence wire.

Also worth noting, the big national dog fence franchises like Invisible Fence will make you pay for special batteries for their system.  The Invisible Fence batteries cost around $70 per dog per year, an amount that quickly adds up.  The DIY systems we recommend have rechargeable batteries so you can avoid this annoying expense.

Ease of Installation

Call in the professionals and you don’t have to worry about a thing. Most installers do a competent job. They know what they are doing, have the right tools and will be in and out in a day. They have trained hundreds of dogs and if you do the homework they assign you, in two weeks you are almost guaranteed a contained dog.

Do it yourself and you will need to put in a bit of time for the installation. DIYing will probably take a full day. For an average size yard you should budget ten hours, about two hours for reading the guide, planning and buying the necessary supplies, and the rest of the time for the actual installation. You will also need to take on the responsibility of training your own dog. But, the process is straight forward and can be handles by even the most club-footed DIYer.


For us the main reason to take up any do-it-yourself project is the sense of satisfaction. Installing a dog fence is a nice project to do over a weekend. And once you are finished and your dog trained it is something you will appreciate every day. Best of all the whole thing seems more complicated than it actually is, so everyone will think you are a DIY genius!!